Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Art Project: Page 1

I'm going to be blogging each page I do (hopefully) in my Art A Level sketchbook which is our summer project. I got my dad to go out and snaffle the last A6 ringbound sketchbook in our entire city in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and then decided to kick start it before I forget about it. 

I was inspired by the lyrics of Christina Perri's 'Bang Bang Bang  ('scuse the video, WMC keeps blocking it) and decided to do a kind of visual-lyrics kinda thing...
I started by drawing out a sketch of the layout (photo's unfortunately not in focus) and then tracing the shape of the speech bubbles and copying that onto some card:

I then cut the shapes out and covered the pieces which would go in the middle with origami paper (because it's pretty).

I then painted the other four pieces in red and blue acrylic paint and then did a thin layer of newspaper Papier-mâché on the page that I would be using in my sketchbook. 

I am fully aware that these are probably the worst quality photos you have ever seen; they were taken on my phone. 

After the newspaper had dried I put a piece of Japanese calligraphy paper over the top and covered it in a layer of water and PVA, and then once that had dried just a thick layer of plain PVA (for shininess).

On the speech bubbles I painted the shape of the words on in white acrylic using a pointed chopstick and then when that had dried wrote the necessary lyrics on top using a biro and a Sharpie. 
Finally, I coated each speech bubble in clear nail varnish (glossiness) and glued them onto the background. To finish, I wrote the remaining lyrics in what seemed like a sensible place with Sharpie and splattered some watered down red paint over the top. 

Overall this took me about 5ish hours, excluding sleeping, eating, and messing around on YouTube. I probably won't explain every page in as much detail, but I will definitely make a post about each page I do! 

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