Monday, 9 July 2012

Art Project: Pages 2&3

So I'm not entirely sure what the hell happened here. I promised to blog each page, I definitely did not promise that each page would be worth blogging about.
I always wanted to try oil painting and, although I will actually be taught it next year with proper equipment and actually knowing what I'll be doing, I figured I might as well give it a shot now. So, equipped with a £5 pack of Impressions oil paints from a charity shop and my Great Grandfather's old, digustingly sticky bottle of Windsor and Newton medium, I set about creating Mr. Woozle. 

Cheap and cheerful (or not so cheerful, but definitely cheap...) Impressions oil paints. 

80+ year old medium (I think from the way it looks you can probably guess how bad it stank). 

(I know, it looks absolutely disgusting.) 

Before starting, I glued down the background. For this I used some blue, home made paper. I thought this would look cool because it was so textured, but I later discovered that it went extremely fluffy, which was not conducive to painting.

(Obviously at some point I actually stuck this down, but I clearly forgot to photograph that part.)

Apologies, but during painting I got so frustrated and confused with the paints, and the smell of the medium was so dreadful that I wanted to vomit, that I completely forgot to take any photos. Basically, I applied a thinned down layer of lemon yellow, then into that blended a thicker layer of yellow ochre from the outside in. 
To add shadow and definition, I used burnt sienna and very tiny amounts of black. On the teeth I used white and a mixture of the aforementioned colours. 
To finish this off I used some soft pastels to add a little more definition, but this was only for a couple of highlights and shadows. 

As you can see, Mr. Woozel is not particularly fantastic, but at least I tried, right? 


I may have to edit this later on... 


  1. I like the use of shades that you have used, very effective where the light is shining too x