Monday, 16 July 2012

RedRock Fashion Challenge

Before strays who know me appear and begin laughing out loud at the 'F' word in the title of this post, I feel I should let you all know that fashion really isn't something that people relate me to. I tend to stick to what I feel comfortable in and, to be honest, if I was wearing what I put together for this blogging fashion challenge I would definitely not feel comfortable. However, I have always wanted to be the kind of person who could wander into my local Tesco's in a pair of Litas and feel completely normal, so putting together this kind of outfit has kind of always been a way of playing make-believe. I can dream can't I?! 

Anyhow, I put this together for the RedRock Fashion Blogger Challenge because it looked fun to do and I love playing around with stuff like this. 
I used two items of clothing from the RedRock website (also available on Asos) and then the rest of the items are all from Asos as I wanted to keep it all to as few places as possible. 
I have no idea how this would look on, but I was aiming to kind of clash some cutesy items with something a little more 'leather and studs'. At first I was going to go for a red, blue and white look, but after all of the Jubilee and London Olympics stuff that colour scheme was really beginning to make me a little queasy. 

RedRock- Pia Blouse £28.99,
RedRock-Tina Shorts £52.99,
ASOS- Ribbed Over The Knee Socks £4.00,
ASOS- Limited Edition Leather Stud Wrap Bracelet £15,
ASOS- Shard Articulated Necklace £10,
ASOS- Cambridge Satchel Company Black Leather 11" Satchel £90,
ASOS- ABEL Leather Lace Up Ankle Boot £80

If I'm honest, I'm really not sure about the boots or the necklace, but I just went with my gut instinct. I'd love to see how this would actually look like on a human, as oppose to a computer screen. Then again, I'd probably just cringe at how dreadful it would turn out... 
Also, apologies for how small these picture sets are (see also the July Wishlist post), the extra large size goes over the edges of my theme, but this one seems to small... I may have to re-vamp my theme... 

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